My Projects

Pocket Relay (Rust Rewrite)

I have started completely rewriting my Pocket Relay game server in Rust which early on showed off great performance improvements along with many benifits over the original Kotlin version. So far I've seen a massive memory usage decrease going from 160mb idle on the Kotlin server to only 3.5mb with two players on the Rust server. This Rust rewrite also removes the requirement of needing a JVM which greatly improves its easy of use and user experience. This version also makes use of my BlazeSSL project which makes it more stable and not depend on operating system SSL implementations for its legacy connections.

RustMass Effect 3Game ServerDocker

Blaze SSL Async

This is the asyncronous implementation of the SSLv3 protocol in Rust to support the game clients for Mass Effect 3 which are only able to use SSLv3 due to its hardcoded implementation so in order to make it possible for the Rust rewrite of PocketRelay and to introduce the new client app I decided to implement the SSLv3 protocol myself as there aren't any other libraries that support it without modifying key parts of the system such as doing registry edits

RustMass Effect 3SSLv3AsyncTokio

Blaze SSL

Implementation of the SSLv3 protocol in Rust to support the game clients for Mass Effect 3 which are only able to use SSLv3 due to its hardcoded implementation so in order to make it possible for the Rust rewrite of PocketRelay and to introduce the new client app I decided to implement the SSLv3 protocol myself as there aren't any other libraries that support it without modifying key parts of the system such as doing registry edits

RustMass Effect 3SSLv3

Pocket Relay (Kotlin)

Custom dedicated Mass Effect 3 game server software which emulates the functionality of the official EA servers with the added benefit of allowing "Home Hosting" / LAN play. Because the server is hosted by outside of EA servers you can alter your player data. This server also includes a MITM (Man-in-the-middle) mode which creates a tunnel for connecting to the official servers which decoding all the packets in-between.

KotlinMass Effect 3Game ServerNettyDocker


BlazeKt is a library which implements the packet system used by Blaze servers which is the server software that EA uses for games such as Mass Effect and Battlefield. The library also has an annotation processor for generating packet routing based on annotation functions.

KotlinGradleMavenAnnotation ProcessingLibraryPacket SystemNetty


BlazePK is an implementation of the Blaze packet system used by EA games such as Mass Effect 3 and Battlefield. This implementation is written in Rust and uses macros for wrapping structs and allowing packets to be encoded and decoded from them. This library features both async and sync reading and writing of packets.

RustLibraryPacket SystemAsync


This is a work-in progress web application which is intended to be an easily accessible public repository for compiled Minecraft server Jar files. Although this is in very early stages whats currently being implemented is a clone of the Spigot Build Tools in Rust as part of the backend to compile spigot Jars fast and asynchronously



Drive-PI is an application I wrote for a school assessment. Drive-PI acts as a network file share running on a Raspberry PI. Drive-PI will share the connected drives over its wireless Hotspot along with providing a management web interface to unmount, mount and remount drives. The backend is written in rust and its frontend is written in Typescript using ReactJS.

RustReactSASSRaspberry PIHTTPTypescript

Kotlin XML Builder

A library which creates a DSL like builder for creating XML through Kotlin code this is used in other projects to create XML objects at runtime. This project has been optimized quite a bit from its original version.


Kotlin Netty HTTP

A library for HTTP routing in Netty with minimal dependencies, This project only depends on the required Netty libraries and can be slapped right onto a Netty channel as a handler. Its a lightweight and easy solution which is used in my KME3 project for routing.



QRLS is a kiosk system for the Questionable Research Labs which allows members and guests to sign in when entering the building and also manage and view who has been in the building. There has been multiple iterations of this website first of which was not created by me but since then there has been two new remakes by me.



NZGM (NZGrapher Modern) is a modern alternative to the NZGrapher web graphing application which has many improvements of NZGrapher such as live editing data and the ability to run offline.



Pond is a custom scripting language for writing scripts for the USB Rubber Ducky. This language improves a lot upon the existing ducky code language providing variables, macros and lots of ease of use functionality.

KotlinJavaFlex (Lexer)


KNI (KAMAR Notices Interface) is a collection of libraries in different programming languages that all have the one purpose of fetching notices from the KAMAR portal application. Each library referenced in this repository can be used to fetch KAMAR notices in their respective language.



KJP (KAMAR JSON Pass-through) is a server written in Go which provides a way to connect to and use KAMAR portal APIs through the web with an easy to use JSON REST API. This Project makes it possible to make Single-Page-Apps or other web apps that interface with KAMAR



KPM (KAMAR Portal Modern) An unfinished custom KAMAR portal web interface that uses more modern technologies it runs all in the browser using a SPA and accesses KAMAR through KJP



A web application for pulling notices from KAMAR and displaying them in a nice easy to read view that will cache results from KAMAR. Retrieves notices from KAMAR API using a PHP backend.



KAMAR2 is a very early unfinished project which aims to provide an open source alternative to the KAMAR android app however its in a very early state.

KotlinAndroidJetpack ComposeXMLJSON


A real time quiz application for quickly and easily making quizzes with an extremely small deployment size of 1.82mb making it extra portable. There is an in progress rewrite in the Rust programming language.



A joke website designed for the "Terrible Ideas Hackathon". This website is centered around a dice rolling machine as a service concept. The project is for generating random numbers by physically rolling a dice with a mechanical arm.



Dream is a WEB-GUI Minecraft cheat that is controlled via your web browser and can be access from any device that can use a web browser its written in VueJS with a PHP backend.



Alto is a high performance Minecraft client written in Kotlin which greatly out performs many clients available today. This project is pending rewrite and currently doesn't have any publicly available releases.


A small desktop electron app for keeping track of how many hours you've worked for. Stores the information in a JSON file and displays a small counter in the corner of your screen.


Malduino-W Firmware

A custom fork of the Malduino Wireless Bad-USB firmware with a more modern embedded website which has a nice SPA which uses the Svelte frontend framework.



An app for controlling the Malduino Wireless Bad-USB using a Android app with a lightweight firmware that removes the embedded website for extra space.

KotlinC++AndroidJetpack ComposeESP8266WebSocketArduino


An unfinished game of multiplayer Tetris intended for use as the game for a school project. Although unfinished it is completely playable it is only unfinished in terms of not having a proper client completed the only way to play is through the testing client which is a terminal based client.


Morse Code Kt

A library for encoding and decoding Morse code in Kotlin. The library also has a WIP feature which allows you to play the Morse code through the device speakers however at the moment that feature is quite experimental.

KotlinGradleMavenMorse CodeLibrary

Freddy's Fast Food

A python application submitted for an internal assessment in Digital Technologies for Achievement Standard 91896. This is an advanced ordering system written in python with a terminal UI and menu system.

PythonAssessmentOrdering System


A website designed, built and submitted for an internal assessment in Digital Technologies for "Web Design 2.4 AS91893".



This is a tiny portable Rust application which has only one purpose and that is to create an HTTP server that shares all the files placed in the "public" folder next to it



A simple app for viewing the full message contents of Instagram without opening actual direct message.



A very early stages custom language the linked repository is the parser which is written in rust.


One of the first iterations of my personal website this one is hosted on github pages.

VueJSNuxtJSJavascriptDocker Old

The previous design / iteration of this website.

VueJSNuxtJSTypescript NextJS

The website that you are currently viewing. This is hosted on cloudflare pages.