Getting to know me


I was born in New Zealand and i’ve spent my entire life here. From the age of 11, I’ve always had a great interest in programming and have spent a majority of my time learning and building up my skills with different programming languages, frameworks, and toolsets. My earliest programming adventures came about from the early days of Minecraft modding.


I am very interested in learning topics relating to programming. I have spent almost of all my education career following the programming pathways. I quite enjoy working with other peoples code through reverse engineering and other collaboration. Outside of programming I am also interested in body building and I like to keep a strict routine with my exercise.


I’ve worked on many projects throughout the years, many of which are readily available on my Github the projects listed on my github are majority under the MIT license. My projects come in all kinds of varieties in all different kinds of languages and frameworks. Feel free to take a look around and see if any of them spark your interests

Getting in touch


Backend Languages

Backend Languages

I am very familiar with languages such as Java and Kotlin having roughly 5 years experience programming with Java, close too 2 years with Kotlin, and 3 years with PHP. For a larger part of this year I've been making great use of the Rust language and have really been enjoying it.

Frontend Languages

Frontend Languages

I am very well accustomed to popular frontend languages like Javascript and Typescript with around 5 years experienced in them both added up. I have been using them a lot throughout many of my projects.


IDE & Editors

When it comes to IDE’s my platform of choice is the JetBrains collection of IDE’s i’ve grown accustom to them and I am very comfortable using them and navigating them with ease. For common every day text editing and some smaller projects I like to use VSCode.

Backend Frameworks

Backend Frameworks & Tooling

I am very familiar with the Laravel php framework having shipped multiple production projects using it in the past. NuxtJS was the framework which I previously developed my personal website in among other side projects. I have used NodeJS to make bots as well as other useful tools and full on server systems. This current iteration of my website makes use of the NextJS React framework

Frontend Frameworks

Frontend Frameworks & Tooling

I am quite familiar with a number of front-end frameworks my favorite of which is VueJS. I have a few other assorted frameworks mixed in throughout my project but VueJS tends to be the one I rely on the most. However recently I've been using React more often.